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DAENO Who We Are
DAENO is a conglomerate creative and performing arts company that promotes collective prosperity through the cooperative efforts of artists and performers.

Personnel include singers, songwriters, musicians, poets, spoken word artists, producers, composers, engineers, comedians, actors, models, and graphic artists.

Services include live performances, event hosting, event planning, DJ and sound services, audio and video recording, photography, management, publishing, merchandising, and distribution.

We have offices and associates in Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Philadelphia, Maryland, Arizona, and Nevada.

Daeno Ent also operates as a talent agency and concert production company.

One of the unique aspects of our company is the wide array and variety of artists and services provided.

We also boast a close relationship with the United States Armed Forces and community organizations.
Daeno Entertainment concentrates on putting the right people in the right places at the right times.

A performing artist associated with Daeno Ent will constantly have opportunities to exercise his/her abilities with appropriate compensation.

We achieve this by networking with other agencies and business owners to assess the entertainment needs of our areas.

We handle all contracts and payment, and ensure a desirable experience for our artists and customers.
Recording artists are provided space and time to create.

We also publish and distribute their work. 

Our musicians and composers provide soundtracks for videos, TV, and movies.

We also have photographers and videographers available to our associated artists
Customer Service
Daeno Entertainment takes pride in being a one-stop shop for all needs.

Club owners, restaurant management, and event planners can contact our booking department with a brief description of their needs, and we will provide the appropriate personnel.
Daeno Ent consistently organizes and participates in charity events to cultivate the communities in which we live and promote creative and performing arts amongst our youth.